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Missing Points

Last Updated: May 31, 2018 12:20PM EDT
Proper lighting plays a key role in producing quality scans. Insufficient or improper lighting directly affects the data that the scanner picks up from the object. To illustrate this point, we scanned a Red Delicious apple under different lighting conditions.
For detailed information on proper lighting, see The Importance of Lighting.
Scan Result Lighting Condition

Too Bright
12” from a window on a bright,
sunny day
Note the gaps in the surface of the scan. The sunlight is overpowering the brightness of the lasers.

Too Dark
Dim overhead lighting
Note how dark the apple appears to be. The bottom of the apple appears black.

Bad Lighting Final Outcome
Meshed OBJ File Format
(from too bright scan, above)

By keeping in mind the optimal lighting condition discussed in The Importance of Lighting, we can produce much better scans of the exact same object, as seen below.
Proper Lighting
Point Cloud PLY File Format
Proper Lighting Final Outcome
Meshed OBJ File Format

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