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Black or Missing Scans

Last Updated: May 14, 2018 12:18PM EDT
On occasion, users have started to scan an object only to have the object turn into a solid black mass and/or a single black dot.

A vase converted into a black mass during scanning.

A vase converted into a single black dot during scanning.
These problems are typically a result of the user’s computer not having enough memory or capacity to process the scan and mesh correctly, or because there is an issue with the graphics card driver.
For a memory issue, users can reduce the number of points displayed by following these instructions:
  1. Close the software;
  2. Go to c:\Program Files\Matter and Form\Scanner\EchoScan.exe (CONFIG file) and double-click the Config file;
  3. Once the Config file is open, you will have access to the program settings. Note: Changing settings other than instructed may cause your scanner software to stop working properly. Please be careful when opening this file;
  4. Locate “<appSettings>”;
  5. Find the line “<add key=”DisplayPointLimit” value=”3500000” />”. The number is the number points the software will display. The default is 3.5 million points.
  6. Change “3500000” to a lower number (i.e. “1500000”. The range of usable display information is from a low of 1 million points (1000000) to a high of 5 million points (5000000). 
  7. Save the changes to the file, close the Config file and relaunch the MF software.
  8. Open your point cloud files, mesh and combine using the new settings.
For a graphics card issue, we recommend users ensure they have the latest drivers installed on their respective computers. Find the manufacturer of the graphics card and search for the brand name and “graphics card driver” on Google to find the manufacturer’s website. Download the driver update directly from their site.

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