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Mesh Appears Wrinkled

Last Updated: Oct 09, 2015 05:21PM EDT
After completing a scan and attempting to mesh the point cloud, the vertical strands of points that comprise all point clouds could be visible on the mesh. Or, after meshing, the object might appear wrinkled.
This can happen when the octree depth is set too high relative to the quality of scan that was captured. In other words, a low quality scan typically doesn’t result in a great mesh, regardless of how high the octree depth is set. As a consequence, it may be better to set the octree depth and/or degree settings lower to yield a mesh with less ripples.
Wrinkled Mesh
Octree Depth: 9
Degree: 4
Note the orange peel-like surface.
Smooth Mesh
Octree Depth: 7
Degree: 3
While lacking crisp edges, this mesh is smoother.

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